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Beerland follows Golden Road Brewing founder, Meg Gill, as she sets out on a cross-country journey to meet with home-brewers and find the best brews in each city she travels to.

Genre: Documentary

Actor: Meg Gill

Country: N/A

Duration: 30 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2017

IMDb: 5.1

Season 1 - Beerland
"Golden Road brewery founder Meg Gill travels to Santa Fe to meet a gun swinging cowboy and an artist who views beer as an extension of his art. Meg then visits an off-grid party that gets out of control."
"Meg travels to NYC to meet a man who brews with a log he found in the park, a woman who has an everything-bagel-flavored beer, and two guys who brew for their hockey team."
"Meg travels to Northern California to meet with the local queer home-brewing community and two best friends who are bonded by the beer they brew in the mountains of Santa Cruz."
"Meg travels to Colorado and meets with Derek a home brewer who lives with his parents, tastes Eric and Chelsea's ale 'the Naughty Elf', and Jessica who uses tamarind in her brew."
"Meg travels to Hawaii to meet Joe and Pono, a team of athletic brewers who make Meg work out to earn her beer, and Justin and Jennifer, a military couple with a unique coconut brew."
"The winning homebrewers travel to LA to meet with Meg and a panel of expert judges. Only one grand prize winner will be chosen to get their beer distributed by Golden Road."
Season 2 - Beerland
"Meg travels to \u201cBeervana\u201d aka Portland, Oregon to check out the flourishing beer scene: an inspiring brewer with ALS and outdoorsy transplants that came for the beer."
"Meg heads to Alabama, one of the last states to legalize homebrewing. There, she finds brewers Willy Bob, Miki, and Clay who are making the most of the state's new laws."
"In Detroit, Meg encounters a father-and-son duo intent on turning the Motor City into the Beer City. Plus a team of coffee roasters turning coffee waste into sour beer."
"Just outside of Orlando, two lifeguards do the unspeakable and turn ocean water into beer. Unexpected news of Hurricane Irma takes Meg's trip off course."
"In the season finale, the winning home brewers travel to LA for the final decision. The grand prize recipient will win the opportunity to get their beer distributed by Golden Road."
Season 3 - Beerland
"Meg goes to New Orleans, where drinking in the streets is legal, in search of great beer cocktails and tasty homebrews. She even indulges in a crawfish boil."
"In Beerland's first international episode, Meg tastes four different homebrews and learns how important homebrewing is in Toronto and Muskoka."
"In San Diego, a virtual mecca for craft beer, Meg meets with homebrewers and locals alike who explore how important beer is to the city... especially the double IPA."
"In Pittsburgh, Meg learns how craft beer is promoting diversity, and meets with a group of engineers, a former symphony manager and a self-proclaimed \u201cmad scientist.\u201d"
"In West Texas, Meg tries beers from a Chilean native passionate about bringing farm-to-table to Marfa, and a couple living in a tent on 25 acres of land in Davis."
"In the season finale, the winning homebrewers travel to Golden Road's new location in Anaheim for the final decision of which beer will be distributed by Golden Road."