A witch married to an ordinary man cannot resist using her magic powers to solve the problems her family faces.

Duration: 25 min

Quality: HD

Release: 1964

IMDb: 7.5

Season 1 - Bewitched
17 Sep 1964
"Recently married Darren Stephens receives a shock when he discovers that his bride, Samantha, is a witch."
24 Sep 1964
"Darrin and Samantha find their dream house and immediately arouse the suspicions of snooping neighbor Gladys Kravitz."
01 Oct 1964
"After Darrin's client makes a pass at Samantha, she turns him into a dog and then loses him."
08 Oct 1964
"Darrin meets his magical mother-in-law Endora for the first time."
15 Oct 1964
"Darrin refuses to use Samantha's ideas for an advertising campaign when he thinks they are the product of witchcraft."
22 Oct 1964
"Samantha helps a shy young boy try out for the baseball team despite his overprotective mother."
29 Oct 1964
"Samantha doesn't want Darrin's client to use an ugly old witch in his ad campaign."
05 Nov 1964
"When Larry and Louise Tate stumble upon Samantha and Endora having lunch in Paris, she can't return since they think that Darrin sent her over for a mortal vacation."
12 Nov 1964
"A young female reporter takes after Darrin while her jealous boyfriend takes an interest in Samantha."
19 Nov 1964
"Samantha's father Maurice comes for a visit and Endora warns her that he will be furious when he finds out that her husband Darrin is a mortal."
26 Nov 1964
"Endora employs a beautiful witch to become Darrin's latest model who tries to seduce him and Larry Tate."
03 Dec 1964
"When a nervous Louise Tate has Samantha go with her to the doctor, Larry overhears them and thinks that Darrin is going to be a father."
10 Dec 1964
"Darrin is worried about his friend Kermit falling for Samantha's friend Gertrude since he is not sure if she's a witch."
17 Dec 1964
"Samantha meets Darrin's parents for the first time while Aunt Clara is also visiting."
24 Dec 1964
"When an orphan visits the Stevens' for Christmas who doesn't believe in Santa Claus, Samantha takes him to the North Pole to visit the man himself."
07 Jan 1965
"Samantha assists a down-on-his-luck magician."
14 Jan 1965
"When Darrin is in bed with a sprained ankle, Samantha makes the house cooperate with him giving him a taste of the power of witchcraft."
21 Jan 1965
"While visiting Chicago with a beautiful client, Darrin thinks he is being watched by a cat and a pelican that may be his wife or mother-in-law."
28 Jan 1965
"Darrin's mother believes that Endora has designs on her husband."
04 Feb 1965
"Darrin suspects that his new assistant is a warlock out to get him."
11 Feb 1965
"Samantha turns a cat into an alluring woman who becomes a model for Darrin's advertising campaign."
25 Feb 1965
"Endora makes Darrin wonder about Samantha's age when he finds a picture that looks like her dated 1682."
04 Mar 1965
"Samantha goes up against city hall to get a traffic light for Morning Glory Circle."
11 Mar 1965
"When disguised as Samantha for a dress fitting, Endora meets an intriguing author and decides to tryout the mortal lifestyle. Nosy Gladys Kravitz sees them together."
18 Mar 1965
"A model named Pleasure O'Reilly moves in next door who is hiding from her former boyfriend."
25 Mar 1965
"Samantha learns how to drive helping out a very nervous driving instructor."
01 Apr 1965
"To cheer up Aunt Clara over her dwindling powers, Samantha gets her to try her hand at babysitting."
"No description"
15 Apr 1965
"When Gladys sees Samantha using witchcraft, she convinces Gladys that she is the one with the powers."
22 Apr 1965
"When Endora tries to get the warlock George to tempt Samantha, he falls for their next door neighbor."
29 Apr 1965
"When Samantha and Darrin spend the night at a hotel and Samantha wears a dark wig, Larry spots them and thinks Darrin is having an affair."
06 May 1965
"Abner Kravitz moves in after he has a fight with Gladys."
13 May 1965
"Darrin becomes very insecure when Samantha and Endora start playing with the features on his face."
20 May 1965
"Samantha is deeply involved with a local election and with Endora's help, manages to expose a corrupt politician."
27 May 1965
"Samantha and Endora's attempts to save their favorite Italian restaurant could cost Darrin his job."
03 Jun 1965
"Samantha's Cousin Edgar is an elf who plays tricks on Darrin to try and break up their mixed marriage."
Season 2 - Bewitched
16 Sep 1965
"Just as Samantha wants to tell Darrin of the good news of her pregnancy, Aunt Clara turns Darrin into a chimp."
23 Sep 1965
"After some ill-advised comments from Darrin, Endora makes him feel every pregnancy related symptom that Samantha has."
30 Sep 1965
"Samantha helps out a mortal who has a 200 year old family curse on him."
07 Oct 1965
"While Samantha is watching the Tate's new baby, Gladys Kravtiz makes an ill-informed comment to Maurice who whisks his \"new\" grandson off to London."
14 Oct 1965
"Uncle Arthur makes his first practical joke laden visit."
21 Oct 1965
"After being exposed to a black Peruvian rose, Samantha starts losing her powers and gaining green squares all over her face."
28 Oct 1965
"Endora turns Darrin into a werewolf."
04 Nov 1965
"The evening wear which Aunt Clara conjures up for Darrin and Samantha does not last the evening."
11 Nov 1965
"While writing a Civil War play Samantha finds her characters coming to life."
18 Nov 1965
"Darrin is turned into a boy by Endora."
25 Nov 1965
"Aunt Clara is visited by an old boyfriend."
02 Dec 1965
"Darrin and Samantha sit a young warlock for a friend of Samantha's."
"No description"
16 Dec 1965
"Endora gives Darrin a statue that makes anyone near it tell the truth."
23 Dec 1965
"When an orphan visits the Stevens' for Christmas who doesn't believe in Santa Claus, Samantha takes him to the North Pole to visit the real Santa Claus. (Repeat of episode 1.15)"
30 Dec 1965
"Staying at Larry Tate's rundown weekend cabin, Samantha uses her magic to fix it up. Two prospective buyers see the lovely cabin and want to buy it from Larry."
06 Jan 1966
"Darrin and Samantha hire a hopeless maid who creates more problems than she solves."
13 Jan 1966
"Samantha gives birth to Tabatha and Darrin meets Serena for the first time."
20 Jan 1966
"When Tabitha is given a stock as a present, it mysteriously starts to rise and Darrin thinks that Tabitha is fooling with the stock market."
27 Jan 1966
"Samantha meets Darrin's parents for the first time while Aunt Clara is also visiting. Repeat of episode 1.14."
03 Feb 1966
"Samantha helps Darrin defend himself with a bit of magic when he has a misunderstanding with a prize fighter."
10 Feb 1966
"Both grandmothers bring Tabitha identical stuffed bears. Endora turns her bear into a dancing bear."
17 Feb 1966
"After wishing to be his boss for a day, Darrin turns into Larry Tate."
24 Feb 1966
"Samantha zaps up dresses for her neighbors that are copies of designer originals which she saw in Paris. However, her actions cause trouble when the original designer shows up."
03 Mar 1966
"Samantha turns an escaped racehorse into a human."
10 Mar 1966
"After Endora hears Gladys rant about how smart her nephew is, she casts a spell and has the infant Tabitha talking."
17 Mar 1966
"Samantha must help a leprechaun from Darrin's side of the family."
24 Mar 1966
"After a misunderstanding at a business cocktail party, its up to Samantha to get Darrin and Larry back together after a fight."
07 Apr 1966
"Lecturer Osgood Rightmire declares that witches do not exist and unknowingly puts a curse on Samantha and even Endora."
14 Apr 1966
"A detective one of Darrin's client's employees hires discovers that Samantha is a witch. His employer thinks that he is crazy so he decides to blackmail Samantha."
21 Apr 1966
"A detective one of Darrin's client's employees hires discovers that Samantha is a witch. His employer thinks that he is crazy so he decides to blackmail Samantha."
28 Apr 1966
"Samantha mistakes a house thief for Darrin's Uncle Albert."
05 May 1966
"Endora divides Darrin into his serious work half and his fun-loving half so Samantha can go on a planned vacation."
12 May 1966
"Former flame Rodney turns himself into a dog to break up Darrin and Sam's marriage."
19 May 1966
"Detective Charlie Leach kidnaps Darrin's client after she is turned into a cat."
26 May 1966
"Darrin and Samantha revisit their courtship to find out if Darrin would have proposed if he knew she was a witch."
02 Jun 1966
"After Larry Tate changes his mind about giving Darrin an account, Darrin is sure Samantha's magic is behind Larry's change of heart."
09 Jun 1966
"Samantha provides encouragement to Gladys Kravitz's violinist brother Louis."